Fluid Navigation Gestures

Fluid Navigation Gestures is an app built to replace the old navigation bar with modern gestures and some cheecky animations. Inspired by other gesture based navigation designs like MIUI, iOS & Breccia’s concept.

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There are just two gestures to learn, quick swipe and swipe & hold, which can be customizable with many different actions.

The bottom edge is divided in three different areas, to resemble the traditional navigation bar actions. This will help users transition from the navigation bar to the gesture-based navigation.

The side edges can also be used for navigation actions but contrary to the bottom edge, these only allow for one gesture combination each. Due to the height of the screens, it would hard for users to tell where the right actions are without any other visual reference.

So by default Fluid N.G. allows for a total of 10 different actions while at the same time allowing the screens to be fully used by the current app.


1. Hiding the navigation bar

Due to the lack of API that allowed the navigation bar to be replaced by a gesture-based navigation, the app will require user to either grant the Root access or to use a PC with Android ADB to grant the app a secure permission.


With this permission granted, the app will be able to hide the navigation bar by placing it outside of the visible screen using a negative value for overscan. This is not the ideal solution for multiple reasons like some apps will adapt differently to the overscan values.

2. Simulating the navigation actions

In order to simulation global actions like Home and Back, the app will require the use of the Accessibility API. This means an extra step to be able to use the app, also Accessibility services are known for causing lag on some devices.